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Metro New York

Mitchell Levine

Meet Mitch Levine, the President of Advantage Marketing, a trailblazing company that has been at the forefront of the New York Food Service market since its inception in 1974. Founded upon the belief in a unique opportunity in the industry, Advantage Marketing proudly holds the distinction of being New York’s first 100% Food Service Broker.

Under Mitch’s leadership, Advantage Marketing has become synonymous with effective sales and marketing strategies tailored for the foodservice arena. The company takes pride in maintaining a superior ratio of people to lines of product, distinguishing itself as the leading broker sales agency in New York. Mitch’s commitment to assertive, professional, and efficient representation has solidified Advantage Marketing’s reputation as a driving force in the development and management of Food Service Branded Product Sales.

Advantage Marketing’s approach is straightforward yet powerful: “Sell the Food Service Operator through the Food Service Distributor,” with a constant focus on prioritizing the pre-set goals of its Principles. Mitch understands the intricacies of the market and has strategically positioned Advantage Marketing to develop strong relationships with operators and collaborate seamlessly with local distributors to address their everyday needs.

At Advantage Marketing, every team member, from customer service specialists to inside and outside sales account executives, plays a crucial role. Mitch ensures that each representative comprehends their position, fostering a business culture that is both simple and goal-oriented. This approach, with a constant focus on the operator level, has been key to Advantage Marketing’s continued success in the competitive New York Food Service market.

Mitch Levine’s leadership has not only propelled Advantage Marketing to new heights but has also established the company as a trusted partner for operators and distributors alike. His dedication to excellence, coupled with a strategic mindset, continues to shape Advantage Marketing’s legacy as an industry leader in Food Service Brokerage.

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