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Sam Ceraulo

Meet Sam Ceraulo, a respected leader in the foodservice industry and the President of Foresight Sales & Marketing. With a friendly and professional demeanor, Sam embodies the vision and values that define Foresight’s success in the market.

Under Sam’s leadership, Foresight Sales & Marketing stands out as a company where leadership is not just a title but a commitment to clear and concise direction. Sam believes that the true strength of the company lies in its people, emphasizing that their associates are the most important asset. With a blend of knowledge, experience, and an unwavering fervor to WIN in growing clients’ businesses, Foresight’s team is a force to be reckoned with.

Active engagement from the Leadership Team, coupled with a commitment to continued investment in employee development, sets Foresight apart. The company has built and proven best practices across its footprint, creating a highly skilled and unique team of professionals. Sam fosters a culture where associates are not just employees but empowered contributors who can create, develop, and grow within the organization’s supportive work environment.

A sentiment shared by Sam and echoed in Foresight’s approach is the belief that success isn’t merely about keeping up with the competition. Instead, it’s about keeping up with the growth of the employees. This philosophy aligns with a quote from a very successful restaurateur: “It’s not keeping up with the competition that causes me to grow, but the more keeping up with the growth of my employees that forces me to grow.”

Sam Ceraulo’s leadership style reflects not only a commitment to business success but also a genuine concern for the growth and development of the individuals within Foresight Sales & Marketing. With Sam at the helm, Foresight continues to thrive, delivering exceptional results and cultivating a workplace where success and personal growth go hand in hand.

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