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About Sales One

Sales One is more than a brokerage agency – we’re champions of the distinctive narrative that makes your brand extraordinary.

Sales One was founded with a simple purpose – to provide food manufacturers with a sustainable and long-term foodservice sales agency model. We envisioned a network where local expertise meets national reach, creating a collaborative environment that propels brands to new heights.

In foodservice sales, one go-to-market strategy doesn’t fit all. That’s why we emphasize working with you, forging a relationship that goes beyond the transactional. Our commitment is to understand your unique goals and ensure that we are aligned with your vision, creating a partnership that’s not just beneficial but transformative.

What Sets Us Apart


Active Ownership understanding of commission-based pay resulting in faster decision-making.


Higher level of local investment resulting in faster execution of customer/client initiatives.


Long-term sustainable structure that is not for sale, building Relationships as a foundation for strategic partnership


Debt-free equals more feet on the street focused on Sales

Investments in Our Business are Investments in Your Business

5.3 Reps
Sales One
3.5 Reps
National Average

Sales Representatives per $1 Million Revenue

Non-Commercial Compliance Process

How the team moved from approval to operator pull-though


Initial approval of new spec of initiative


Contact local area manager or GPO


Communicate info to distributor compliance manager


Sales One team identifies top targets for initiative


Targets are added to PTC


Manufacturer sees increases in sales against their GPO investment

Group Purchasing Organizations We Service

Philanthropic Efforts We Support