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Upstate New York

Carmine Sposito

Meet Carmine Sposito, the President of Hudson Valley Food Brokers, a company with a rich legacy of serving the food industry for over two decades. Under Carmine’s guidance, Hudson Valley Food Brokers has remained an independent, family-owned, and full-service broker committed to upholding values that set them apart in the industry.

As the President, Carmine leads a team dedicated to representing manufacturers that offer value-added products and services. The company’s commitment to representing manufacturers that complement each other underscores its strategic approach to building cohesive partnerships in the marketplace. Hudson Valley Food Brokers takes pride in being “super on the street,” ensuring a hands-on, proactive approach to serving the needs of its clients and partners.

Remaining flexible in the ever-changing food service industry is a key tenet of Hudson Valley Food Brokers’ philosophy, allowing the company to adapt and thrive in dynamic market conditions. Carmine’s leadership reflects a dedication to maintaining the company’s independence while staying true to its core values.

The mission of Hudson Valley Food Brokers, under Carmine’s stewardship, is clear and purposeful. It revolves around achieving profitability and growing brand sales from value-oriented manufacturers that prioritize quality. The commitment to running the company with unmatched honesty and integrity is evident in every aspect of its operations.

Carmine believes in building a team of honest, experienced professionals and ensuring they are appropriately rewarded for their contributions. At Hudson Valley Food Brokers, keeping promises is not just a commitment—it’s a way of doing business that has contributed to the company’s enduring success.

Under Carmine Sposito’s leadership, Hudson Valley Food Brokers continues to be a reliable and respected player in the food service industry, embodying the values of integrity, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence that define its mission and set it apart in the marketplace.

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