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January 08, 2024

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Foodservice POS

In the vibrant culinary world of food sales, a killer sell sheet is what’s needed to turn heads and leave taste buds tingling for more.

Whether you’re unveiling a brand-new product or spotlighting your core product line, let’s learn how to put together Point-of-Sale (POS) sheets.

Insider Insight: Sales vs. Marketing. Sales professionals nurture customer relationships for revenue, while marketers craft brand visibility. Here’s the deal: POS creation? That’s marketing’s forte! Don’t have a marketing team? No worries, tap into Taste Specific’s expertise. They’re your go-to pros for all things food company marketing materials.

For those who want to build out your marketing materials in house, your POS needs to include the following:

Step #1: Season with Sizzle and Snap

Step #2: Spice Up the Description

Step #3: Ingredients and Nutrition

Step #4: Flavorful Facts to Savor

Step #5: Dish Up Delicious Design

Step #6: Serve Digital or Print on a Platter:

In the delightful kitchen of food product marketing, a sell sheet that’s got the perfect blend of wit, flavor, and pizzazz is your pièce de résistance. It’s the trailer to your culinary blockbuster, the teaser that leaves folks clamoring for the main event. So, whip out your creative chef’s hat, sprinkle these ingredients with pizzazz, and watch as your sell sheet becomes the must-have appetizer to your gastronomic feast. Bon appétit, savvy marketer!

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